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Sea Life Lessons

So, I just went and saw Finding Nemo in 3D. So worth it. Throughout the movie, I was thinking about how much we can learn from each character. We should all watch the movie one more time and learn the lessons each character has to teach us. Or, you can just read this. But watch the movie, too. And go see it in 3D. The short before it, Partysaurus Rex, is awesome, and you get cool blue 3D glasses with Dory on them. Oh, and be sure to look out for the new Wreck It Ralph trailer, as well as the appearances by Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Incredible in the movie. Anyway, on to the cheesy life lessons... Be like Nemo and embrace your weaknesses, always be friendly, and always be willing to try new things. Be like Nigel  and always be willing to tell the stories you hear. Be willing to inform people, and, along the way, maybe bring them a little hope. Be like the Tank Fish  and be accepting, always have a plan, be a little obsessive, and never, ever give up. Be like Crush  and be in awe of