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The Film List Project #26: Jaws, Brick, and Aliens

This was one of those rare weeks that I got to watch not one, not two, but three movies from the list. If you've looked at the titles, you know that one of these films is not like the other. I'll break it down for you: two of these ( Jaws and Aliens ) are classic blockbusters. The other ( Brick ) is a low-budget teenage caper flick. These movies have nothing in common except for a one-word title. Despite their differences, I loved all these films. Watching and loving all three made me realize just how much my taste has changed and expanded over the course of this project. The fact that I can admire a detective film, a sci-fi classic, and, well, Jaws  says a lot about how much I've learned over the last few months. Jaws has gone down in history as the first blockbuster, but at the end of the day, it's really a classic story of people fearing the unknown and not knowing how to adapt to change. In this case, the unknown is actually pretty dangerous. A great white s