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Friend Crush Playlist

Recently, I learned how to make friends. This is a skill everyone should learn by the time they're, eh, 45ish. I also like music, as you may know. I make mix CDs often for people, so I thought I would post the playlist/some commentary on the recent one I just made. Some of these I may have posted before, but they are still worth a relisten. Enjoy (or not. That's what the comments section is for):

1. Boyfriend-Best Coast
This song sounds like summer. Period. I honestly think Best Coast is one of the best bands out there right now, and this song (along with the video) makes me very happy. It also sort of reminds me of The Princess Diaries for no particular reason at all.
2. Supervillain Music- Chilly Gonzales
I found out about Chilly Gonzales through Marina and the Diamonds. He rearranged her single "Hollywood" in such an ingenious way that I had to find out more. It makes me feel like I'm about to go rob a bank or take over Townsville or Gotham City or something. I should make a costume. This song also reminds me of The Incredibles, which I think makes more sense than the previous comment.

3. Weekend-Class Actress
I've been finding some really good music by listening to SiriusXMU this electro-indiepop song that I just pretentiously put into a genre.

4. Men's Needs-The Cribs
I'm kind of just starting to get into The Cribs thanks to Ryan Jarman's girlfriend, Kate Nash. She covered this song perfectly, making it completely her own, but the original is fantastic as well. They both give an interesting perspective, as does the video.
5. Friend Crush- Friends
I'm pretty sure I'm constantly in some sort of friend crush state. Therefore, this is my theme song. This band has probably given themselves the least Google-friendly name known to man, too.

6. Heavy Cross- (The) Gossip
The is in parentheses above because the name of the band changed from The Gossip to just Gossip a few years ago. They are a great rock band with one of the best singers/frontwomen out there right now, Beth Ditto. The song shows off both Ditto's voice and the band itself.

7. Steve McQueen-M83
I love M83. I just do. That's really all I can say.
8. Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley
I need to learn more about Rilo Kiley. I love the song and Jenny Lewis's voice. It just makes me really happy. But then I watched the video...This is live on Jools Holland, but you can find the video on YouTube.
9. Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn
This makes me dance. Every time. People don't really find me funny until I dance...then I tell them that's really how I dance and they get kind of sympathetic....Robyn's dancing in this video makes me feel a little better. Greg James's version of the video makes me feel even better.

10. Valerie-Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse
I loved Amy and miss her everyday. I'm glad Mark Ronson's still around, though, because he's a genius.
11.Whirring-Joy Formidable
They are an awesome band. This song just blows my mind. Not to mention they have the endorsement of the Foo Fighters.
12. The Moneymaker-Rilo Kiley
This is a completely different view of Rilo Kiley than Silver Lining, in my opinion.
13.Midnight City- M83
See #7. Also, one of my favorite videos of all time.
14. Coming Down-Dum Dum Girls
They are one of the great American girl bands out there right now. Their song Bedroom Eyes is incredible, too. I can see this being on a breakup/sad playlist in the future.
15. Trojan-Atlas Genius
To me, they are like a cross between Mumford & Sons and Two Door Cinema Club. I'm still not sure what this song really means.
16. Shuffle-Bombay Bicycle Club
I love everything about this song and this band, especially the lead singer's voice. This song is like musical joy.
17. I Dream Myself Awake-Brigitte Aphrodite
Another discovery for me via Kate Nash, she writes good rock songs with her band the VOBs (Visions of Beauty) and great comedy songs, as well (Merry Kissmas will put you in the holiday spirit). She has an EP out now.
18. F*** You-Lily Allen
Dirty Title. Great song, great lyrics, great artist, great message. Listen carefully.
19. Skeleton Song-Kate Nash
Who better to end with than the Queen herself. I love this song. It's so outlandish and brings together all the elements of her first album.



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